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FRW works with community groups and volunteers to protect and restore ecosystem, watershed and human health. We promote a scientific and community stewardship approach to environmental assessment, planning, protection and restoration. We help to create and implement Rouge Park, Watershed, Greenbelt, and Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plans.



We provide educational presentations, nature walks and environmental stewardship events which increase youth and community awareness about the inter-connections between ecosystem, watershed and human health.  We motivate volunteers to be environmental and community leaders by nurturing environmental knowledge, values and stewardship skills.



We involve volunteers in forest, wetland, stream and meadow habitat restoration to help implement scientific recommendations for improving ecological integrity, water quality and human health. We repair past damages to natural systems, processes and biodiversity; reverse habitat loss and fragmentation; control invasive species; and combat the impacts of pollution, climate change, urban sprawl and flooding.



We work with many groups and government agencies to monitor key indicators of watershed, ecosystem, park and community health.  We share this knowledge with the public and decision-makers to improve environmental assessment, planning, protection and restoration.

Did You Know?

The Carolinian Forest, one of Canada’s most endangered eco-zones, is home to approximately one-third of our endangered species. The Rouge Watershed contains designated Carolinian forests, and is home to an estimated 30+ species at risk.

Did You Know?

Ecological integrity means supporting public use without going over the Rouge National Urban Park carrying capacity. Ecosystem protection needs to be a priority while visiting the park. Stay on trails, leave no trace, take only pictures. Please practice responsible use of the park.


Did You Know?

Since 1991 Friends of the Rouge Watershed has planted over 727,108 native trees, shrubs, and flowers in the Rouge Watershed - providing rich habitat for native fauna. Biodiversity loss is a global issue. Combat loss on a local scale by supporting conservation efforts, like FRW. Support native species!

Did You Know?

Environment Canada recommends a minimum of 10% wetland cover per watershed or 40% of the historic wetland cover. With only 1% wetland cover, both the Rouge and Little Rouge watersheds fall far short of these targets for achieving ecological integrity.

Did You Know?

Ecological integrity is important! Friends of the Rouge Watershed continues to push for strengthened ecological integrity, as prioritized in the Rouge National Urban Park Act and Management Plan. Ecological integrity refers to the ability of an ecosystem to sustain ecological processes and biodiversity. This means increasing native species and diverse communities in Rouge National Urban Park.


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Today is National Tree Day! National Tree Day serves as a celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the great benefits that trees provide us – clean air, wildlife habitat, reducing energy demand, connecting with nature and more.



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Ask your PM and MPs to strengthen the Park Management Plan to prioritize Ecological Integrity